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Yesterday and today

On 2nd October 1902, Mr. Herrmann Theodor Padelt and Mr. Ulrich founded the company called “H.T. Padelt KG - Specialist company for the entire ceramic industry for kilns and muffle furnaces” in an inner courtyard of Leipzig/Schleußig. After entry into the commercial register, Padelt started developing and producing industrial furnaces right from the first day, and these were individually adapted to the existing production process. Until 1906 the company manufactured mainly coal heated plants. In 1910 the company produced its first tunnel furnace. By 1930 furnaces with gas heating were already being produced. The need rose so quickly that already 30 employees were needed. In the meantime the company was renamed “H.T. Padelt Leipzig".

After 1930 the company started manufacturing electrically heated furnaces. The mode of heating developed then - free radiating heating coils wound on ceramic supporting pipes - is still state of the art technology even today. The H.T. Padelt Leipzig company delivered its first plants to Mexico at the end of the 1930s. After the Second World War the company was expropriated in half. The complete transformation into the so-called public property then took place in 1972. After the German reunification this company was founded afresh under trusteeship and it was ultimately privatised in 1991.

From then on the company concentrated on the development and manufacture of custom-designed individual plants. Due to the increasing volume of business and the proximity to residential areas, plans for the new company location were initiated in 1998. By the end of the same year production was commenced in the new building in the technically well connected industrial park in terms of transport network. Today the most modern thermal treatment plants for trade and industry are manufactured here.

Our qualifications

  • ISO 9001

  • Certification as qualified manufacturer of welded steel structures in accordance with DIN/EN 1090-1+2

  • Specialist Company in accordance with the Federal Water Act (WHG)

  • Certified welders in accordance with DIN EN 287-1

  • Authorisation to produce, modify, repair and commission gas plants

We have a standing requirement to continuously provide further training to our employees.

Our plants are manufactured according to the prevailing standards, particularly according to EN 746.

Complete plants bear the CE mark. The EC conformity declaration is enclosed with the documents.