Plant construction for electrical and gas-heated industrial furnaces

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Plant construction for electrical and gas-heated industrial furnaces

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Plant construction for electrical and gas-heated industrial furnaces

Plant planning/construction, production, setting up, commissioning


Custom-designed plants for industrial furnaces

Long-standing system support for reliable operation

Do you need technical plants that are optimally tailored to your operations for thermal treatment of materials? Padelttherm is your partner for this! We shall support you right from the needs analysis stage up to servicing - as a competent and reliable partner. By choosing industrial furnace plants from Padelttherm you are assured of products of the highest quality and reliability. Our longstanding experience stretching more than a century enables us to respond to each customer’s individual requirements and to produce the perfect industrial furnace for your needs.

Systems for electrical and gas-heated industrial furnaces - manufactured by us in Leipzig

Industrial furnace service: Experience thanks to several years of practical engagement

The prerequisite for the satisfactory functionality of our highly complex industrial furnaces is the ideal technical interplay of the various system components. We shall provide you with the complete system design up to and including the production of key components from a single source - Take advantage of our know-how. This is because at Padelttherm you are guaranteed comprehensive service for the production and servicing of your industrial furnace.

Further development with Padelttherm

The continuous cooperation with our customers has sensitized us to their requirements and demands in system construction and strengthened the practical orientation of our development department. All experiences from our daily practical work are immediately integrated into further development of components for our industrial furnaces, so that every system is designed in a safer, more durable and more economical manner. To ensure quality and functionality over several years, our technicians also take care of the servicing needs of the industrial furnaces. This includes, among other things, the provision of original parts for your electrical or gas-heated industrial furnaces.

Icon of the plant construction for electrical and gas-heated industrial furnaces at Padelttherm in Makranstädt near Leipzig.

In case of any questions and suggestions, we shall be glad to assist you personally as a competent partner. Whether it is consultation, planning, production or commissioning, every process is supervised and checked by us individually.

This is the only way we can meet the highest requirements.