Chamber furnaces

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Chamber furnaces

  • Individual production

  • Most modern thermal insulating materials

  • Efficient heating systems

  • Latest control systems

Chamber circulation furnace

Air circulation furnaces are often used in low temperature ranges. Integrated air guiding devices and high flow rates ensure good temperature distribution. We manufacture many different versions of this type of furnace too. These include shaft or top-loading furnaces, bogie hearth furnaces or top-hat-furnaces, just to mention a few.

Chamber furnaces - electric/gas powered with air circulation

Convection furnaces are often used particularly in low temperature ranges. This requires precise knowledge about the materials used and stacking technologies. This results in vertical or horizontal circulation with high or low flow rates. The picture shows a furnace with a mobile “Charchier-table” and a roller conveyor which continues in the furnace.

Chamber furnaces with gas heating

Gas-heated chamber furnaces, for example, are used everywhere where larger components are thermal treated or where a high heating gradient is of importance. The plant shown in this picture is used for annealing and also for forging rod materials. High-quality burner technology and robust thermal insulation as well as built-in double-sided lifting doors are the hallmark of this furnace.