Fully automatic chamber furnace

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Fully automatic chamber furnace

  • Individual production

  • Most modern thermal insulating materials

  • Efficient heating systems

  • Latest control systems

The chamber furnace which is fed in blocks is suitable for the thermal treatment of different batches and is supposed to both cover the well-known thermal treatments of regular production and also realise new thermal treatment processes. These plants are particularly designed for varying thermal treatments, i.e. for high flexibility.

Another advantage is the relatively simple expansion of such a plant when the output increases.

The basic variant usually starts with a solution annealing furnace, a quenching bath (water, polymer, oil, salt or even air quenching), one or two tempering or ageing furnaces, the charging machine, several buffer zones and the delivery station. Everything is fully automated with the usual data recordings.

The furnace design is determined by the application. The thermal treatment of aluminium is almost always carried out in electrically heated furnaces and those where steel is heated with gas at very high temperatures.