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Services Installation of the plant construction for electrical and gas-heated industrial furnaces at Padelttherm in Makranstädt near Leipzig

Padelttherm as a company does not only deliver furnaces and their components, but we also undertake the installation as well as servicing and repair of the furnaces. By our long-standing experience in machine and plant installation, we know what is required. No matter whether it is installation at the customer’s premises, reconstruction or refitting - we always work reliably, thoroughly, flexibly and in a customer-friendly manner.

Our staff is ready to advise you accordingly:

Mr. Lengl (Production Supervisor)

+49 34205 775 30


Mr. Meier (Commissioning/Regulator)

+49 34205 775 17


Mr. Hillebrand (Electrical Engineering)

+49 34205 775 18