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Retort furnaces

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Thermal treatment under protective gas atmosphere with the retort furnace

Retort furnaces are used for thermal treatment under the most varied protective and reactive gases. Therefore, processes like carburising, nitriding, tempering, debinding or soldering can primarily be carried out in these industrial furnaces. The maximum application temperature for this type of furnaces manufactured by us is 1,000 °C. They can be constructed with both electric and gas-heating.

There is a possibility of equipping our industrial furnaces with an additional evacuation unit. The evacuation unit makes it possible to evacuate the retort furnace for atmospheric change up to a temperature of 250 °C and then flood it again with protective gas. The thermal treatment process takes place under low pressure in the furnace room.

The cooling process can be accelerated with the help of external cooling for the retort. With a simple change of the retort you can change between different operations and achieve great flexibility with low costs.

Exchangeable retort

A retort furnace of this design can easily be loaded with the crane.

The picture shows a furnace nitriding - with an exchangeable retort and circulating fans - as well as for tempering and annealing in directly heated operation. Also assigned is electrically heated post-combustion.

Retort furnace as a complete plant

This soldering plant consists of a retort furnace powered by protective gas and an integrated cooling device as well as a cooling chamber, a charging machine and five loading and offloading places.

Retort chamber furnace

A retort furnace plant was manufactured for purposes of soft annealing 3,000 mm long pipes with a charging device. It consists of an integrated cooling device powered by protective gas. The heating device consists of heating coils which are wound around the retort.