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Our service performance programme

Total service with more than 115 years of experience!

We use all our practical experience from more than 100 years of constructing industrial furnaces specifically to produce technical plants for the thermal treatment of materials. At the same time we attach great importance to the interplay between the different system components with regard to the technical aspects of processing. We have the necessary know-how - ranging from plant conceptualisation, design and planning to the production of key components and commissioning of the plant. We therefore guarantee you complete and system-specific service.

For decades we have been working closely together with our customers to offer the best possible solutions with the highest quality. The wide-ranging experience gathered from our practical work is immediately channelled into the development of individual components. In this way we can reliably ensure the safety, durability and economic viability of a plant. Take advantage of our wealth of experience and make an appointment with us right away for consultation by phone or by e-mail.

Our environmental goals

Our resource-saving policy does not stop at only the construction of custom-designed industrial furnaces. The plants themselves are also designed with energy-saving considerations in mind in order to keep the operational costs as low as possible. This approach combines the important environmental protection with cost-saving production in your company so that you can remain profitable also in the future.

Our employees have acquired high environmental awareness over the decades and this now shapes every planning and production step for your industrial furnace. Therefore, the optimal use of materials and effort as well as our target of a “zero-defect-philosophy” contribute to the very high quality of our products.

Services of the plant construction for electrical and gas-heated industrial furnaces at Padelttherm in Makranstädt near Leipzig

Our qualifications

Continuous further training of our employees is not only important, but it is also a standing requirement at Padelttherm. Therefore qualifications and certifications are for us an important constituent of successful corporate development.

We are certified:

  • Specialist Company in accordance with the Federal Water Act (WHG)

  • TÜV-Certificate in accordance with ISO 9001

  • Certified welders in accordance with DIN EN 287-1

  • Certification as qualified manufacturer of welded steel structures in accordance with DIN/EN 1090-1+2

  • Authorisation to produce, modify, repair and commission gas plants

Our industrial furnace plants are manufactured according to the prevailing standards, the most applicable being the EN 746. Our complete plants always bear the CE mark and the EC conformity declaration is enclosed with the documents.